Marijuana Laws Will Not Be Dropped

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Arkansas' attorney general's office on Monday rejected proposed language for a petition that would ask voters to void the state's anti-marijuana laws.

Marjorie LeClair wants voters to consider next November whether Arkansas should repeal all laws restricting the production, distribution and sale of cannabis or any products derived from the cannabis plant. The attorney general's office said Monday that the language LeClair proposes doesn't clearly state what she wants to do.

"Rejected due to ambiguities in the text of the measure," said an opinion handed down Monday.

The attorney general's office, which under state law must approve the language in proposed ballot issues prior to their being submitted to voters, has rejected other, similar proposals put forth by LeClair.

State lawyers have approved language on two separate marijuana-related issues so their supporters can collect signatures in an effort to put the items on upcoming ballots. Both proposals are tied to the use of marijuana in medical settings.

One, by the Arkansans for Compassionate Care, would let patients with qualifying conditions buy marijuana from nonprofit dispensaries or grow their own marijuana if they don't have reliable transportation to a license dispensary. Sales tax revenue would be used to administer the program, with the remainder split among the state's Newborn Umbilical Cord Initiative Fund and state drug education programs.

Another proposal, by Arkansans for Responsible Medicine, has similar provisions but would not allow patients to grow their own marijuana.

If voters approve multiple proposals dealing the same subject matter, the one that receives the most votes is adopted.

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